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Right now at this moment, someone is very proud of you. Someone is thinking of you. Someone cares about you. Someone misses you. Someone wants to talk to you. Someone wants to be with you. Someone hopes you aren't in trouble. Someone wants to hold your hand. Someone wants you to be happy just for you. Someone thinks you are a special gift. Someone wants to hug you. Someone loves you. Someone admires your strength and kindness. Someone is thinking of you and smiling. Someone wants to be on your shoulder to cry on. Someone thinks the world of you. Someone wants to protect you. Someone would do anything for you. Someone wants to be forgiven. Someone is grateful for your forgiveness. Someone wants to laugh with you about old times. Someone remembers you and wishes you were there. Someone needs to know that your love is unconditional. Someone wants to tell you how much they care. Someone wants to share their dreams with you. Someone wants to hold you in their arms. Someone wants you to hold them in your arms. Someone treasures your spirit. Someone loves you for who you are. Someone wants to be with you. Someone hears a song that reminds her/him of you. Someone wants to be your friend. Someone needs you to let them be your friend. Someone is glad you're her/his only true love. Someone stayed up all night thinking about you. Someone is alive because of you. Someone believes that you are their soul mate. Someone wants to be near you. Someone misses your guidance and advice. Someone values your guidance and advise. Someone has faith in you. Someone needs you to have faith in them. Someone trusts you.

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Someone will cry when they read this? Tell me. But that's what life's all about. Everybody hurts, everyone bleeds, everyone laughs, smiles and loves. And that's all that is. That's life. Even in a very bad situation, no matter what, we are always have 'someone'.

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Question : What good could brings you when you with him/her? Wanted to be someone because of his/her ways or because how he/she has made you (better)? Why must that person? What he/she has that makes you not looking at others anymore? Why you ravingly chasing her?

Answer : Think, it is in your mind and heart.

Nazirul Fariq, Thanks for this.

Hate me :')

The post in facebook,

Ya aku tahu aku salah. Aku tahu aku tak sebaik kau orang semua. Aku tahu aku tak sepandai kau orang semua. Tapi kenapa tak guna kebaikan yang kau orang semua ada tu untuk tegur aku? Tapi kau orang boleh gunakkannya untuk mengumpat? Mengata? Mengutuk? Oh terima kasih sangat sangat. Hampir setahun aku kenal kau orang semua, aku telan segala bagai yg telah kau orang lakukan, segala bagai yang kau orang cakapkan. Ada pernah aku balas dengan kemarahan? Pernah? Tolong ya tolong. Tegur aku jika aku salah. Kau orang dah rampas senyuman yang pernah aku ada dulu, jangan buatkan perasaan benci ada. Seteruk mana pun aku, sejahat mana pun aku, semarah mana pun aku, aku tak pernah mmbenci kau orang. Aku minta maaf. Aku harap kau orang maafkan aku atas segala salah dan silap aku. Maaf untuk post kali ini juga.

People, kalau kawan kau salah, tegur dia. Kalau dia jatuh, bangunkan dia. Kalau dia sakit, bantu dia dan kalau dia perlukan anda, be there for them. That is what friends are for. Think. Assalamualaikum.

Sabar aku ada limit okay. Sekejam mana pun aku, seteruk mana pun aku, aku akan cuba berubah. for good. Tapi kalau cara korang untuk ubah dan tegur aku salah, sila malu pada diri sendiri okay? Maaf, aku tak sempurna.


I walk alone in a superbmall with lots of peeps all around the world, but im crying and walking nonstop. looking forward for nothing. i just want to clear up my mind with all ze probs that i have and the prob that i will have to face soon. i need to feel peace before my head goes boom! i hate this part. i hate ze part when i felt that im all alone. im here in ze home but yeah, nothing looks different. im still feel like imma one of the outsider. i feel 'GREAT' XD TRUST ME -_-

This is life. Take care guys, enjoy your life.


Fullaamaak, berhabuk aku punya blog.

Hai rakan rakan sekalian. *entah ada ke tidak :p
lalala, lama gila tak post something. haha nak post tapi kan kan kan, mcm malas kut skrg. takpetkpe,tunggu masuk Uni nnti fa update every single HOUR :D

kbaii love.

Terengganu is the best place after all

HELLO peeps!

Yeahhhhhh, im going to my hometown tonight! Cant wait for it!
Do pray fr me so tht i can have a safe journey, will ya?

Last but not least, sorry sbb tinggalkan blog ni berhabuk! :p

Pssst, spreads the love guys!

To a girl that you think that i dont even know you.

Assalamualaikum. Mungkin awak rasa saya memang tak kenal awak langsung kan?
Well, hai! saya kenal awak! :)

past is past. i've to move on kan? Well i respect your relationship wth him and wont steal him back. I know he loves you. I wont make my mistakes twice. When i went into the operationroom fr some operation last years and last two years, i told my self, after this..please god, gimme a chance fr me to see him with a good life and a good condition please? that is the last thing tht i ever thought of. I made him suffer once. The guilty made me suffer too. Almost 2 years i'm suffering with all the disease, problems and evrything. And now yeah, i faced it. I should thanked him coz my memories wht him make me live stronger and have the will to start a new leaf and moved on. Thanks dude. And you babe, thanks for make him smile again. Thanks for making his life better and thanks for taking good care of him when im not around. I owe you a lots. Couldnt thanked you enuff.

An advice for you: Be strong in whtever probs tht attcks you, hold into god, fams and yes, him. Dont leave him pls?
And one more thing please, take good care of my exbestfriend for me. will ya? I miss her so much. I dont care what the past said and i dont care wht me and her arguing about at the past, i just cant let the memoir go just like tht. eventhough she and me quite sad depressed upset angry and others tht you can named bout it, i just cant. she was my greatest friend. I miss her like heaven! im tired of losing friends. so yeah. Okay babe?

About your guy, nevermind babe. never thought tht you steal him frm me, i just wanna see who he is happy with. thats all. sebab tu i cari before this. and now, im happy fr you guys. Take care babe. Send my regards to him and her okay? Assalamualaikum :)