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To a girl that you think that i dont even know you.

Assalamualaikum. Mungkin awak rasa saya memang tak kenal awak langsung kan?
Well, hai! saya kenal awak! :)

past is past. i've to move on kan? Well i respect your relationship wth him and wont steal him back. I know he loves you. I wont make my mistakes twice. When i went into the operationroom fr some operation last years and last two years, i told my self, after this..please god, gimme a chance fr me to see him with a good life and a good condition please? that is the last thing tht i ever thought of. I made him suffer once. The guilty made me suffer too. Almost 2 years i'm suffering with all the disease, problems and evrything. And now yeah, i faced it. I should thanked him coz my memories wht him make me live stronger and have the will to start a new leaf and moved on. Thanks dude. And you babe, thanks for make him smile again. Thanks for making his life better and thanks for taking good care of him when im not around. I owe you a lots. Couldnt thanked you enuff.

An advice for you: Be strong in whtever probs tht attcks you, hold into god, fams and yes, him. Dont leave him pls?
And one more thing please, take good care of my exbestfriend for me. will ya? I miss her so much. I dont care what the past said and i dont care wht me and her arguing about at the past, i just cant let the memoir go just like tht. eventhough she and me quite sad depressed upset angry and others tht you can named bout it, i just cant. she was my greatest friend. I miss her like heaven! im tired of losing friends. so yeah. Okay babe?

About your guy, nevermind babe. never thought tht you steal him frm me, i just wanna see who he is happy with. thats all. sebab tu i cari before this. and now, im happy fr you guys. Take care babe. Send my regards to him and her okay? Assalamualaikum :)


  1. thanx faa.
    im sory untuk semua masalah yang faa lalui before this.
    u suffered a lot.
    saye taknak tgk faa menderita lagi.
    im hapy u hapy.
    apepom jadi.
    u have to smile always.
    kayh ?
    u have to be strong. untuk apepom yg jadi.
    im sure u can.
    faa dah prove kan that ure a strong gurl lepas hadapi sume tu.
    i respect u.
    be safe dear.
    be good.
    ill take a good care of both of them insyaallah honey.

    thanx for everyting :)